Module development of small mobile diary. Without CMR.
Delivery of the finalized mobile production center.
Module mini diary – received golden medal for innovation at the AGRA FAIR in 2013 in Plovdiv

1. Mobile Diary

mobile diary
BLITZ LTD. designs, equips and launches into exploitation small mobile diaries for milk processing in different infrastructure options.
BLITZ LTD. developed and presented for the first time in Bulgaria – Module Mini Diary.

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2. Pump. Pump Systems

pump and pump systems
BLITZ LTD. designs, executes and launches pump cleaning installations applicable in car washes, production factories, farms, etc. Different applications of the water jet.

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3. Machinery for washing containers

Machinery for washing containers
BLITZ also has designed and developed cleaning and washing machines with several options – with or without detergent.
High efficient system, for permanent cleaning of containers for fresh fruits.

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